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Thank you again for bringing your concerns to our attention and we remain committed to trying to find a positive resolution to your concerns. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you further, at your earliest convenience, to continue working towards this goal.


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Update by user Nov 07


Your pal Owen S******* promised to fix our horrific plaster for years and not a single thing has been done to help us. After the latest round of promises, your warranty manager Ben B. vanished into thin air. Not sure how any of you look at yourselves in the mirror every morning knowing that your entire day will be spent chasing bad reviews for your paychecks.

What an embarrassing and shameful thing to have to tell your children someday. I will continue posting reviews with more detail and photos on every review site and social media platform. The hundreds of families who have visited our pool also continue to share our terrible story via word of mouth and their own social media platforms. It is our right and our obligation to share our story and protect other consumers.

Best of luck following us over the years while auto-filling your standard, rehearsed responses. As I told Owen S******* dozens of times, it would’ve cost A&S pennies to simply fix what they admitted to doing wrong - in writing - versus literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost business.

Oh well. Not my problem anymore.

Original review posted by user Sep 21

Anthony&Sylvan built this pool for us and immediately acknowledged the massive imperfections in the plaster. In fact, they immediately agreed to repair it.

That was three summers ago! Fast forward to last month when they said would finally be repairing it. What happens instead? They send out the man who did the faulty work who then shifts the blame on US!!

He says our chemicals are completely “out of whack”, but when we asked to see his test results, we find out he doesn’t have any!?! Not once, in three years, has a single A&S technician, nor anyone in the warranty or customer service departments, questioned our chemicals as having ANYTHING to do with our plaster issues. But now, out of nowhere, the man responsible for the faulty work gets to make accusations with literally zero backup? He also sent them a photo with mysterious marks on our pool step that don’t even exist claiming he removed staining!

I promptly sent over the “actual” image. My guess is that his non-existent test results will mean we’re stuck with this plaster, if not for life, for at least another long year.

Anthony&Sylvan is undoubtedly thrilled to have another reason for delay. Beyond shameful.

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