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Thank you very much for sharing these concerns with us. I'd really appreciate the opportuntiy to speak with you to better understand your experience and to work with you to try to find a positive resoloution to your concerns. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate an account based on your feedback. Please send me an email,, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you.

I hope to speak with you soon.

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Arlington, Virginia
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In May 2009, AS Pool came to our house to open the pool. When they came, I was not home but my husband, who was very ill, was home.

My husbank was not able to monitor them because he was too sick.

When the left, the skimmers were left not working and the timer to turn the filter on and off was also not working.

They did not tell us that they had not done the skimmers so for a week I kept trying to figure out what was wrong. When I finally called AS, they said they did not hook up the skimmers because there was not enough water in the pool.

My question was "when were you going to tell us the skimmers were not hooked up/" Anyway, they came back out, a week later, and finished up the job. The timer on the filter was never fixed.

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This is typical of dealing with Anthony Sylvan Pools.. the company doesn't return correspondence, address customer issues in a timely manner, nor do they oversee or guarantee any of the work done at your home by the people they subcontract.

The communication is nonexistent in any real sense because they never follow through and blame everyone else. No regard for customer service, no company integrity, no quality assurance..