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Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention and I'd really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to better understand your experience. Please send me an email,, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you.

I hope to speak with you soon.

Very Sincerely,

Customer Care
Sunbury, Pennsylvania
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I am extremely disappointed with them. They seem to think that nobody works and they can pop in and work on pool whenever.

They never answer phone calls! Never return messages left. I have had a giant hole in my backyard since October 2015, it is now May 2016. NOT FINISHED YET!

Nobody seems to care about the consumer.

They have my entire payment and i have a hole in the ground. I have cried a lot up to this point and again today!

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I am in the exact same situation. Started the pool construction in the fall with the hope to actually swim this summer.

I'm at plaster phase now with no return phone calls or emails. They have practically all the money so what is the incentive to finish the pool? I negotiated with A/S to brush the pool for the 10 days after plaster that they suggest because I work as well as my wife so we can't just sit around and wait for their random schedules. Each phase of the pool was screwed up by the construction scheduler where they (sub contractor) wouldn't show up at all or not show up with the proper materials.

Our 1st PM quit after the first meeting where you draw out the pool in your yard. I had to call and ask to meet his successor whom had the responsibilty of all of NJ. He didn't show up to see the pool until it was dug and rebared. Needless to say he wasn't on top of our project.

Anthony/sylvan use all sub contractors whom are also fed up with the lack of communication from the "schedulers". I know this because I spoke to all of them. Plumber, Excavator, Electrician, coping and tile mason. They all claim how awful it is to communicate with Anthony/Sylvan.

The PM's have no power they are there to take the many complaints from the customer. Now that spring is here, (I had to call and push them to start the pool construction) our new PM Scott has been the only shining star in this terrible decision that we made in building a pool with AS. However he has no power, it all resides in the schedulers and the non responsive construction manager Corey. I guess you don't need good customer service when most people build one pool in their lifetime.

It's called they got ya. Buyer beware and choose a local company with in house employees who build your pool. If I ever do get plaster, I give the pool a 10% chance of actually working correctly. Can't they at least answer an email or phone call?

Our only hope/recourse is to educate future A/S customers in the southern NJ/ Pa market through numerous scathing reviews. Stay away from Anthony/Sylvan.


A disgruntled AS customer.