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Than you very much for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We have located your account and will be contacting you to better understand these concerns and to try to find a positive resolution.
Rochester, Minnesota

Update by user May 22, 2015

They are NOT trying to resolve issues from the past. They will threaten you with legal action if you don't settle with them for almost nothing.

They will say in order to settle you must remove any negative posting about Anthony Sylvan Pools and sign a legal document agreeing to NEVER say anything negative about their company to anyone. I don't call that trying to settle. They offer a couple hundred dollars for major damage, denial of claim, refusal to repair their shoddy workmanship. They did a whole bunch of pools and many had problems.

Sure, they did some that were fine but WAY TOO MANY had issues that at the time, they refused to handle.

All they kept saying is that I must have done something wrong when they did the install and they did the weekly maintenance on the pool. I WOULD NOT recommend using Anthony Sylvan to do your pool.

Update by user Jun 04, 2014

This happened in Las Vegas, NV with their office in Henderson, NV

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2014

I reposted a Complaint about Anthony Sylvan. They were hired and paid to build my pool in Las Vegas from the Henderson office. I get a phone call from Alex. He said he's been with AS Pools for about a year. He is contacting all individuals that have had a problem with their company throughout the US. Because I sold that home, he said there really isn't much they can do. I said if I did still have the pool it would need to be completely resurfaced to correct the problem. He said that has happened. He asked what I wanted in order for me to sign a document saying I would never post negative statements online again and I would need to remove all the negative comments already posted. I said, no problem. Make me a offer. I was thinking 10 % of the cost of my pool. With that said, Alec offered me $200. I said, No thanks. He then told me that eventually this is going to get settled. Our company isn't going to tolerate false statements to be posted online. I took that as a threat. I said, Thanks for calling. Then hung up the phone.

He said one of the lies I told was, saying thousand of customers were unhappy. I don't recall that post. Perhaps I should have said, many, many, many, many people have filed complaints against Anthony Sylvan.

Let me share with you Alex's phone number. 1-215-489-5625. If you have filed a complaint against ASPools in the past 10 years, let's put Alec to work making things right for all their unsatisfied customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anthony Sylvan Pool.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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You dont even own the property shouldnt even get .01 cent


Why hide behind your Anonymous name. I dealt with Anthony Sylvan for a long long time trying to get them to fix my pool.

They signed a contract, they built it, they were to

Maintain it and when

It didn't work blamed me. But it wasn't just me. As I stated before many,many many other families went through and are still going through the same kind of bait and switch problems with this company. They have their slick sales people sell you a product.

You never hear from

That salesman again. Then they hire sub contractors to do ALL

The work. I would have been just as well Served by hiring a subcontractor myself and Paying half the price. The quality of their final product was NOT what they promised it would be.

Rough surfaces, cracks and major plumbing issues. I would, to this day, NOT recommend using this company. I paid as agreed. They did NOT deliver as agreed.



And today I see that Anthony Sylvan has posted online that they dispute my claims. They will try to discredit anyone that lists the truth about them.

Sure there are those happy customers. However there are many many unhappy consumers. Because I would not take $100 and sign a document saying I will Never post my story, the truth, anywhere again and remove the posts already online, they are now posting that what I say is Not accurate.

They are back doing exactly what they did when they were doing my pool.

Dispute, blame, deny and retaliate. Once again, DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE HIRING ANTHONY SYLVAN POOLS. they take your money and hire sub contractors to do the work. You might as well hire anyone that does pools and pay substantially less than to hire Anthony Sylvan who does Not even do the work.

You have no idea who the people are that will be doing your pool.

And Anthony Sylvan does Not stand behind their subcontractors. It's all about, Blame, Blame Blame then Deny, Deny, Deny!


immediately file an online complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), they will assist you in getting a refund against them