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Anthony Sylvan - Customer Care Review from Los Angeles, California

I'm so sorry to hear this and thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'd really appreciate the opprotunity to speak with you to better understand your experirence and to work with you to try to find a positive resolution. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find an account based on the feedback provided. Please send me an email, customercare@anthonysylvan.com, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you.

I hope to speak with you soon.

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Poor customer service

Horrible customer service. Sales people are irreponsible and do not follow through.

They fail to keep appointments and misrepresent thenselves.

Quality is poor and expensive

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The worst pool company on the earth | Anthony Sylvan review from Los Angeles, California

I'm so sorry to hear this and thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I'd really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to better understand your concerns, but unfortunately I have been unable to locate an account based on your feedback. Please send me an email, customercare@anthonysylvan.com, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you.

I hope to speak with you soon.

Very Sincerely,

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  • worst pool company

Never Ever Never Ever buy a pool from Anthony Sylvan Pool Company

It should be listed as Anthony Sylvan Clown Show, they have all these people running around all independent contractors that only know their job or part of all the steps needed to be completed.

The problem is they are not employees of Anthony Sylvan but independents and they do not talk with or plan out the handoff from one step to the next. No one checks or cares if the last guy did his job right or finished it at all , each contractor just shows up and starts what he knows ready to not.

Now I married a Mexican you can’t say I do not like Mexicans as a people I married one. But my god if you are working a job someone on the job needs to be able to talk to the home owner.

However you know how this all works and it is unfair to those worker too. Some rich white guy charges a lot of money to do the work and then hires low wage people who really do not care.

So I am completely remodeling a new model home nuts I know but I wanted it all my way, I have so much work to do I having every trade in the house, painters, plumbers, dry wall guys electricians and on and on.

So Anthony Sylvan came to my house give me a price and tells me that is everything they need and will not need me to make any other decisions or take up your time after you sign the deal, he said the next thing you will hear from us is get in the pool.

WOW great just what I wanted to get a pool in and use none of my time.

I had to pay another contractor they use to take out all my plants and clear the yard for the pool install, then that person was going to tile the yard after the pool was in too. So the deal was he would remove all the landscaping put all my plants in pots and leave then for installing when the pool was in.

I came home that first day and found all my plants in the trash, and all my lighting ripped out, nice but just the start.

The next problem, and remember I wasn’t supposed to put any time into this build, they laid out the pool and re-barred it all, then the electrician came in and installed all the electric and lights. I checked the pool that night to see what had been done and if I could truly trust them. While I ordered two lights in the pool and they installed one. So I waited a few days to see if the hot shot crew leader jobsite manager would notice the mistake, and he never did, No Attention to detail with this company.

I thought about just letting them spray the cement in and then have to cut it out again but I would pay later if it cracked apart, so I asked why only one light was installed when I paid for 2. You know the drill I got a SORRY.

Next they continued the gas line bought down from the meter for my pool heat to supply a BBQ on the other side of the house. It would be so much easier since a trench was already for the most part there it would be just dropping in line in the ground. They said there would be an additional charge I said I know but how much could it be since we were more the ¾ of the way there. The came back with a price of $2600 hundred since I had told them to do it already and send me a bill I had to pay it. $2600 for 30 foot of hose, and in my sign contract it states very clearly any additional gas pipe needed will cost $16.50 a foot, I think I was screwed here do the math.

Now there is a long deep trench opened for the gas line and since I was putting tile over most of my small backyard I bought a 2 inch pvc pipe and asked them to drop it in the trench so I can run wires underground after the tile is installed.

They closed the trench and never put the pvc in, saying they would dig it up later and then put the pipe in. Who fills in a trench then dig it up again to put a pipe in it. ??

So next I was putting in a stair case and need a 2 x 2 x 2ft cement block with re-bar put in the ground before the tile was installed.

So at the end of the week I was looking over the installed tile and noticed my re-bar unit laying in my garden, they forgot to install the cement and the re-bar , so they had to pull up the tile again and so I could hire someone to do the job they forgot, oh yes at this point I am having no part in Anthony Sylvan doing anything outside the contract.

Now I had my yard professionally re-planted and they have put all the construction cement and other junk in my newly planted garden, screwing all the new stuff up so I have to replace those plants now.

So at this time all the tile isn’t down and I remind them I had low voltage lighting around my house before they ripped it out, and reminded them were hired to just remove the plants, so I spent another hundred for all new wiring laid it out on top of the tile and said before you get all the tile down you need to laid down this new low voltage wire.

OMG the guy from Sylvan pool goes off on my why do you want lighting there you do not need it and on and on, ( ps I got divorced because I got sick of listening to why I couldn’t do something) and it was a big flash back this guy is my ex-wife all over again telling me what I need and do not need.

So I look out the next day and all the tile is down and the wired are still laying on top of the tile, I called the rep down and they are all pissed now because I want the tiles taken up to install the wire, really didn’t we go over this two days ago when the tile wasn’t installed yet.

Ok let’s move on to the finish they up sold me to a better finish and I was ok with that when I saw how nice the samples were in the showroom why not, Does my pool look anything close to that not a chance now it’s my problem.

During the tile installation in the pool and spa I notice the worst job of installing tile ever, getting anything straight and level wasn’t in there book, then they cut the tiles dry crippling all the cut areas. So the project manager is called to look at the tile and ask what is my problem with the tile??? Really Stevie Wonder called and said he had a problem with the tile install. ( for those of you that do not know he is a blind singer), so after a lot of talking ( and that is putting it lightly) they agreed to take it all out and start over.

But get this they are using the same tile over with all the clips in them and all cut different heights too. See the report from a legal tile inspector, this is all they do and they opinions hold up in court every time.

And there is so much more but I hope you get the picture by now.

Let’s move on to getting the pool fired up, now remember we agreed before I signed the check I would have a working pool for July 4th that means heated too.

So they call me 4 days after the last inspector has signed off the pool and everything completed, done, the city never has to come back and say oh you need to call the gas company and get a bigger meter installed. I called and the gas company gives me a date of July 8th so there goes my promised pool party thanks Anthony Clown Sylvan pool company no one cares or listens to you from that company.

So them I called since the pool is full of dirt and other stuff, the company they use to get the pool ready and turn it over to the new owner doesn’t have my name listed as an owner so I am out of luck. I go to the office and ask for my manuals, remote control or anything that will help me understand how to get this pool operational and I was told sorry we can’t help you and no one in our company is available to help you and no one is returning our calls to help you either.

So now it’s up to me to hire a plumber to hook up the heater and try to get it to work, hire someone to clean the pool etc.


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