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I'm so sorry to hear this and I'd like to help try to find a positive resolution to your concerns. To get started, please send me an email,, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you. I hope to speak with you soon.

Very Sincerely,
Customer Care

Update by user Oct 12, 2018

Up to this point, I didn't receive any contact from Anthony and Sylvan regarding the issue. I cc'd their manager Neil Coyne in all the emails, he will respond with a vague promise once and I talked to him at the begging of the project once and nothing was done.

We are still waiting for the sticker after the electrical project and they seem to not even care about following the township guidelines. The sticker shows that their electrical work is by the guideline and it passed the inspection and we don't have that as of today 10/12/2018. The lack of communication and the unprofessionalism is beyond anyone's expectations.

Major consequences should follow their action, this company shouldn't be in business and I am looking at a legal action as we speak. What they did can't and will not go without penalty.

Original review posted by user Sep 12, 2018

I met with the salesperson (Jarrad) and everything was good at the beginning, he promised me that our pool will be done by the end of July. Then we had a meeting with Jarrad and the project manager (Cody) who stated that the first week of August will be the maximum yo have the pool up and running and ready to be used.

Once we signed the contract everything went down *** The scheduler (James Pettit) was the rudest, unprofessional and nastiest person I have ever dealt with. Tara another scheduler who lack communication. They scheduled us on rainy days because I complained about the delay. I have emails, videos, and pictures.

I kept emailing them that you cannot choose the only rainy days in the week, schedule me and then blame it on the weather. I texted all of them several times and Cody will respond a day or two after if he did respond. The construction crew they sent to our house left their trash, cans and the food paper plates etc on our lawn. They left a huge mess around the pool, they messed up the driveway and they said their policy stated they are not responsible for any damage they create.

They dug up the pool and used most of the dirt they dug up but left a huge amount just laying there by the pool and they said it is our responsibility to level it ourselves. The construction fence they put was always down, the didn't care about making it secure enough to keep it in place, we had to fix it ourselves several times. I contacted their supervisor to complain and didn't get a response from him until almost the end of the project. After several attempts to get this pool done, we finally had it completed at the end of August over a month behind the schedule, they left the orange construction fence, the metal they used to hold it up with and the other fence they used until I called and asked them to come and take that.

The job was not as they told us and not as the picture, the plasterwork was sloppy and I took pictures, contacted them and still waiting for it to be taking care of. The equipment they showed us on their catalog was nothing in real life like described. They basically sell you an ideal pool, charge you a ton of money and don't deliver. I am extremely unsatisfied and if the above issues are not taking care of, I will have to take other measures.

Avoid this company by any mean. Even the other contractors who came to our house stated they never saw a messy, sloppy job in their career time and that we got ripped off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anthony Sylvan Swimming Pool Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality, not as described, and poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $70000.

Preferred solution: Refund, correct the issues.

Anthony Sylvan Cons: Way my problem was handled, Unfinished work, Customer service communication, Unprofessionalism, Whole experience was a night mare.

Location: 5000 Ritter Rd Ste. 202 11, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, USA

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