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Hello Richard,

I’m very sorry to hear this and I thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. I’d appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to better understand your concerns and to try to find a positive resolution. To get started, please send us an email at, with the address on your account and the best phone number to reach you at.

I hope to speak with you soon.


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To whom it may concern:

To preface this email, its noted that this really should have been sent to you a week ago. However, my frustration level at this point has been so off the charts words could not even be formed to explain to you how from day 1 this entire process has been an absolute nightmare. This stems from the lack of basic communication, mismanagement (or total lack of), and the complete ineptitude of your contractors. To keep from rambling and because there is quite a bit to complain about, Im going to break it down into two of the most egregious flaws that have resulted in my disgust of this experience.

The Deck Beam:

On the initial walk through, prior to the start of construction, Randy informed me that a deck beam would be needed due to an elevation difference to avoid future erosion. I agreed to this and an addendum was added to the pool contract for which we paid an additional $499.00 for out of pocket. The money was not an issue, as we wanted to ensure that our investment/pool would be built correctly and last. This $499.00 beam has since turned into utter astonishment on how your projects are ran and feeling as though Ive been intentionally scammed out of money.

· Framing and rebar had been in place for weeks however there was no overseeing or inspection of the project to notice that the deck beam wasnt incorporated into this.

· Decking contractors show to pour concrete on 11/16/2019. I immediately, before pouring began, spoke with the contractor and Randy regarding the lack of this being in place.

· After a lengthy discussion with Randy in which he assured me that he spoke to the contactors and this would be done (please see attached screenshot of conversation) and what I presumed was the contractor digging for the beam placement, we left the house.

· New years day, following the issues with the gas line (discussed below), and festering in my frustration, I decided to grab a shovel and dig/ probe to see if this was ever even done as I was assured it would be. Surprise, it could not be found.

· January 9 I ask Randy to come out and show me where this deck beam is. Instead he describes it to me and we come to the agreement that the beam (11sq ft/ 22 linear ft 6 inch deep) is in fact not there following a photo of what I sent.

(Please keep in mind that I noticed this oversight multiple times, it was never done, and no one from your company ever even either knew it or cared to ensure the quality of product I was promised and purchased was being executed correctly.)

I wont even go into depth regarding how mismanaged this whole thing was. If managed correctly, the above NEVER would have been an issue. The real issue with this is that I paid additional money for something that was not done. Something that is not a superficial feature, but pertaining to the actual integrity of the structure to the pool and decking itself. When the concerns were communicated to your company I was ensured that it would be taken care of but it was not. Had I not noticed later on due to future issues, I never would have even known. This is essentially theft and makes me question the entire integrity of the pool. Is what I paid for there? Was the work done correctly? Based on my experience, Im going to go with no. Which is extremely disappointing when its regarding a 50k+ investment.

Gas Line

To fully understand some of these complaints and the situations which ensue, Im an HDD boring contractor, meaning in a nutshell, by use of equipment, I can install pipes underground without having to trench or tear up property (grass, concrete, trees, etc.).

· During the sales process I informed your company that because of the layout of my property I could run a gas line for you if needed to avoid excess costs, labor, and meter movement.

· During the walk through, this was discussed with Randy and he stated he would discuss it with his plumbers, of which they ultimately decided that it was unnecessary as they could just trench to the location of the gas to the house.

· During this time I brought equipment to the house and hired help to run an 80ft sleeve for the water line and 130 ft conduit for the electrical (as a semi favor to you because it didnt save me any money but did save my yard) while they trenched a gas line to the house and performed other plumbing work.

· Following a city inspection I met with Randy and was informed that they couldnt tie into the gas line at my house like your licensed professional said they could because the existing gas line is not to code something I feel your contractor shouldve known from the get go.

· An agreement to fix to this was suggested and negotiated with Randy for which an additional 700 dollar out of pocket cost to me and given to the plumber was agreed to in order to run a new gas line to the meter. This price was contingent on me running a 70ft line (recall I said from the very beginning I would run) resulting in the need to bring equipment and help to the house not once, but now twice. (Of note, the benefit to the 700 would be that I would have an up to code gas line to my house as part of this cost which I agreed to without complaint.)

· Jump forward to the pool being ready to be filled- Randy now informs us that the gas meter needs replacing which had never been communicated to us. He specifically stated that once the pool was full to call CenterPoint and schedule this to be done, which was.

· December 30th CenterPoint arrives to replace the meter. CenterPoint tech now informs us that we need a regulator at the house and our gas is now going to be turned off because this isnt in place.

· A call is made to Randy at this time who failed to inform us (only known because of his outgoing voicemail) that not only would Anthony Sylvan be closed between Christmas and New Years, but hes also going on an additional week vacation. To me, its common curtesy and, to be blunt, sense, that when you have an ongoing project with a customer you would at least notify them of your impending absence.

· Without the ability to contact a representative of Anthony Sylvan we took it on ourselves to contact your plumbing contractor given that they were the ones who had done what work was here. I explained the situation to them and explicitly stated that I needed a regulator because the CenterPoint tech was speaking in my ear as I spoke to them. Much to our surprise they stated they would come out the next morning. Granted they were charging us an additional $250 which technically we had already paid for in the original $700 agreement, but we really didnt care as long as we had the ability to have the gas tuned back on the following day.

· New years eve, a plumber from EDU services shows and does the work needed, with the exception of placing a regulator, the one thing needed and expressed being needed via phone, to have our gas turned on. When explaining this to their office personnel, immediately after the plumber had left, she stated that they didnt know that they needed a regulator and that they were closed the following day, essentially showing absolutely 0 care for what their mistake was costing us. Again, if Im paying for a licensed plumber, Im paying for their expertise in their craftsmanship. Even though I did, I should not have to tell you what you need to do your job. This is absolutely unacceptable for your company to hire negligent and uninformed contractors.

· Also of note, prior to him leaving, the plumber went to the gas meter attempting to manually turn the gas on himself. My wife essentially chased him around the around the yard trying to explain to him that CenterPoint had to come out to turn it back on. This was not understood due to a language barrier but regardless your plumbers should know this is not something they should be doing and is very dangerous.

· Given the prior incidents and others not discussed as of yet with EDU, they are no longer welcome on the property. We in turn had to hire another company that actually knew that what they were doing to have our gas turned back on4 days later, costing us an additional out of pocket $380.00.

Having had the frustration of the issues with the beam as well as others not discussed this was very different because now, this lack again of communication and management has now actually affected my quality of life. We have 3 children and for four days you impacted our ability to even care for them. We had no hot water to bathe them, no stove to cook for them, and no heat to keep them warm at night without having to stay up worrying about the safety of the multiple space heaters running. On top of that the adults took cold showers, kids had to be transported to be bathed, we had to eat out for all meals, and food went bad in the fridge.

Again, the above two issues are really the main reason this email even exists. Youre contractors have left a huge mess not only in my backyard/driveway during this process, but also in the street in front of my house. Your plumber hit my house with an excavator (and tried to hide it) breaking the fascia board and scraping the brick. The board was repaired but the brick never can be and even the board will never be the same so permanent damage to my home. This is amongst numerous other things, that to be honest I probably wouldve let go. I chose to do business with your company thinking of it as a large reputable company who takes some pride in their name. Instead what was received was random contractors completely unsupervised doing half *** work at my home. The only thing I have ever really been told during this process is that if its not done right, well fix it. Everyone knows that if its not done right the first time, it never will be right, which is unacceptable when it comes to a project that costs as much as any pool does. The motto of your company seems to be this as opposed to ensuring things are done correctly the first time, the way it should be. At the minimum I would have anticipated someone overseeing the job to ensure that the job done was representative of your name.

There is likely no way to rectify what has been done, however in hopes that my experience can save others the same I hope that this is taken to heart and actions are made within your company to correct which is clearly not working.


Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 20551 Interstate 45, Houston, TX 77388

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