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Thank you very much for bringing these concerns to our attention and for taking the time to work with us to reach a positive resolution to your concerns.
Austin, Texas

We signed an agreement with Anthony & Sylvan, on 6/23/05. The original contract price was 62k. We have had continual problems with the pool leaking and have on many occasions attempted to have it corrected. In fact, last year we finally contacted our attorney to try and settle this matter. He was unable to even get a response from A&S. The following is a brief overview of our history.

Our early construction went extremely well, but the first concern was towards Oct. '06, when we neared completion and our final 5% payment was due. There were many open items and I spoke with the lady that handled payments, Dolores I believe. She assured me that 'they had taken care of us so far, hadn't they.' Well, after the last payment it became extremely difficult to get any work done on the remaining punch items. We would leave calls and not get a return call but I'd say it wasn't horrible, I was determined to be patient and polite.

That spring, we noticed a rather large leak coming out of the raised wall to the spa, at about 18in. and the underlying wall was 'weeping'. I called the supervisor over our construction, Rock. He came out and re-grouted the tile interior edge of the spa saying that it was most likely infiltrating from there. The leak continued. Over the next two months I continually called and could never actually speak with a person. I left multiple messages and none were returned. I finally called the GM, Chuck. He and the construction manager, Bill, came out to look at it one Saturday morning. Bill suggested that it was water infiltration from capillary action on the stone, saying, the flow from the spa in to the pool was rather weak and so ran against the wall and was drawn in. I suggested a pressure test but they both seemed this was the likely culprit and so I didn't push further. They said they would get a contractor to come over, smooth the stone that the water flows over, from the spa and re-mortar the stone on the wall fascia, which had deteriorated as a result. I think it's important to note here that we have a salt pool and the salt does seem to cause some of it's own issues in that regard. The sandstone installed seems to be constantly 'dissolving' In any event, a couple of weeks pasted and I never heard back. I had to hound them to get it going and about five weeks later it did. I can't be certain the time intervals, they never gave me any paperwork and I didn't have the foresight to document it. I'm sure they have records though.

So for several months everything appeared fine with the exception of a large buildup of calcium-like material on the tile; tile only directly under the wall. It was told to me, at the time, that was a normal thing and was only a little lime as a result of the efflorescence but to my mind resembled calcite; so hard that a pressure washer couldn't take it off.

We continued to try and get other items fixed without success. I won't go in to those but suffice it to say, we were beginning to become very, very unhappy.

Last year, I learned that Chuck was let go. That didn't surprise me since they had been many personnel changes at the Austin office, changes that left us very frustrated. In one year, they had three or four different people handling warranty work and I was told they were the only folks I could speak with. However, most of them NEVER returned my calls.

A couple months after the re-grout of the wall, the leak started up again but different. Prior to the leak, I'd already noticed that the wall was weeping and the mortar was degrading over its prior state. I called A&S without any return calls. I finally tried to reach the new GM, Pete. I left a few messages for him and finally received a return call Easter Monday(4/8) a year ago almost now. I spoke with Pete and he assured me that things were different. I was very direct with him. He told me he would take a look at our file and call me back in a couple of days. I waited and waited and finally called him a week later and left a message. He returned my call a week later and that process went on and on.

I finally called him on 5/20 and left a message saying that they had two weeks to do something or I had no choice but to contact our attorney. I received a call from him the next Monday. I spoke with him and he wanted to come out. He called back a week later and said he would be out that Friday. I told him I would meet him and he said it wasn't necessary. I called late that Friday to tell me that he wouldn't make it and would be by Saturday morning at 6:20 am. I never saw him, never heard from him again, etc. After that I contacted out attorney who contacted A&S and tried to get any sort of response without success. So, two and half years later, we still have a leak, the mortar is ruined and the salt system they shouldn't have installed with natural stone has deteriorated all the stone.

A month ago, I decided to avail myself one last time before legal proceedings. Since then I have encountered the same issues of unreturned calls, broken promises and I have only myself to blame this time.

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Read my post and contact Alec at 1-215-489-5625. He told me he was hired to resolve all complaints over the past 10 years.

Let's see if this is real or simply another promise they don't keep. They didn't settle with me. I felt like he was trying to intimidate me.

Let's see how many of us he actually settles. Just know that if you settle you can Vever tell anyone again what your situation was related to AS Pools


So, this is a rather late followup, but it's probably important in an interest of disclosure. After this post, and several others like it, (a few months) A&S contacted me and agreed to fix everything.

They removed all the stone around the pool(the pool sits on a hill) and reworked all of it. Aside from normal wear and tear, the work was done well.

I still have a little excessive buildup on the stone near the overflow, but I consider it just a characteristic of my pool.

Additionally, I noticed several 'ratings' of ***. Think what you will, say what you will, but I've tried to deliver a fair and correct account of what happened without using vague comments or over editorializing.


Everyone has to keep in mind that every pool uses subcontractors to build their pools. So whether you choose Anthony & Sylvan or one of the other pool companies, the pool is probably being built by the exact same subcontractors.

With that said, I would highly suggest if you are building a pool you ask what subcontactors the company uses.

For example Anthony & Sylvan will use multiple subcontractors for each phase. Some subcontractors are better than others. I would do my research on the subcontractor and REQUEST that Anthony & Sylvan or whoever you choose uses the more reputable subcontractor.


I'm in Katy Texas. Anthony & Sylvan built me a $40,000 piece of *** The stuff they did wrong they wrote in my file that my KIDS did it!

REALLY? My kids built & ruined my pool?

It didn't surprise me - You got a RACIST group of employees at A&S - Bob Van Horn came over & flicked his cigarette ashes in my pool as he looked at it & just repeated how out of warranty I was & he didn't see the same problems I saw..He must have been blind or just oblivious to the shoddy workmanship that shows up as soon as you look to the bottom of my pool! :( I wish I never contracted them!


I had close to the same experience with them. They are totally unresponsive.

The y cooment I got today was "we are a production pool company and you got what you paid for", Yes I did - a mess.

The project manager is a donky's behind. Money money, that is why they want paid in full before they plaster, and you are screwed.


AnthonySylvan out of NY did a renovation on my pool in 2002 that started falling apart after a few years. Known for shoddy workmanship; the company that recommended them no longer does so.

I can no longer ignore it and have to do another complete renovation.

Yes, last payment is due before work completed and then you are stuck. I wasn't happy with the last thing done and they wouldn't make good on it.

The name Stephanie sounds very familiar to me, also. Nice until they have all their money.



We bought a house with a pool built by Anthony/Sylvan. The pool has developed cracks in the pool and rusting on the deck. We brought in an independent adjustor to look at the problem and he told us it was to due substandard materials and shoddy workmanship. We called A&S and were told that the pool was out of warranty!

The pool was built in 2006!!!! What the ***!! They are not a reputable company and we hired a indepent contractor to fix it.

Needless to say he found more problems! Beware of this company! There are better ones out there.


All sorts of problems from start to finish!!Go with some other company if you want a good product!


Try contacting Mr. Neidus via email at SNeidus(at)

@The Head Honcho

The anthony sylvan employees must take avoidance training on how to blow off the many unsatisfied customers blaming everyone but their subcontractors!


I had an ugly relationship with A&S Pools until they finally finished my pool in 440 days.

If anyone cares, the President of A&S is Mr. Stuart Neidus []


We had Sylvan do our renovation in Newburgh NY and it was a nightmare as soon as they showed up on the job. No communication, sloppy un-Insured sub-contractors and a project manger named Stephanie who was an absolute **itch. Do yourself a favor and never gice them a penny !!