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Anthony & sylvan pool crooks | Anthony Sylvan review from Elmwood Park, New Jersey

Thank you very much for sharing these concerns with us. We have located your account and will be contacting you shortly to try to reach a positive resolution to your concerns.
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  • Pulled a fast one on me
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Pool has been a nightmare since day one from the pump equipment went through 2 pumps leaks everywhere copping cracked my nephew received 11 stitches on his foot you can see the concrete after 2 yeas pool w built

Update by user Mar 14, 2017

Still no resolution!!!!

Original review posted by user Aug 14, 2016

(1) Let me start by saying I am still pissed after 10 years first of all when we did the pool layout with the Anthony and Sylvan contractor he took the plans to the town To get a permit to build the pool the town did not allow them to go so big so he took it upon himself to make other drawings of A smaller pool to get the permit for the construction of the pool that was a sneaky move because now I'm stuck with a smaller pool after measuring I was short changed so they gave me kisses if you get in the pool heater for there this honest mistake so call!

(2) after the pool was done they told me that I would enjoy my pool guess again now they built the pool lower then the property so now when it rained everything from the grass the dirt and everything went into the pool now a contractor came back out and saw that it was their fault and they gave me a check for $1500 so that I can install a drain system that would work around my pool I then added another 1500 out of my pocket to get a drain system that would work around my pool that's $3000 for a drain system!!!!

(3) now let me remind you of how they make their real money it's off of repairing and servicing your pool first your pool is made out of concrete then skim coated with plaster plaster after a couple of years start to deteriorate then the coping around the pool starts to crack then they send somebody for a free consultation from Anthony Sylvan's to price out a repair job just like they did to me let me remind you my pool was $35,000 how they sent an *** to my house who overcharged on square footage when I know my pool is only 300 squares he said I had 450 wasn't this the first problem we had of the pool not being The right square footage as they sent contractors to measure that's why they compensated me with a pool heater they are just a joke do me a favor people try other companies and get different quotes also let me tell you how much they wanted to charge me to replaster my pool 7700 is that a joke a bunch of crooks they'll guess how much a different company came and did it for $500 paort2@aol.com if you need to get InTouch you can email mem

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