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Thank you very much for sharing these concerns with us and for taking the time to work with us to reach a positive resoluction.

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Anthony Sylvan built my pool 18 years ago and did a good job, but failed to deliver on time due to a lot of rain day delays, however  they compensated by delivering a  gift certificate to be used at their local store. They also had a custmere service department like every other major contractor or coorperation .  This spring i used them again for restoring  my pool  and had no problems with the subcontractors who did all the work when they showed up.

Here lies the problem, at least five times Nick Cockran had me scheduled for a subcontractor to be on site, but no one arrived,with no explaination or call back and no weather delay. After the third no show i contacted Thomas Obrien who offered a gift certificate as compensation which i never received. (Delayed one week for plaster and three weeks for mastic/caulking. Several calls were made to Ken Lewis and other high ranking individuals without return.

I have used several other contractors for other projects and all seem to have a customere service rating survey to better themselves. This company as far as i can tell must think their the best and doesnt need to improve or care. Nick Cockran was sure to call to confirm payment at each interval but never when a subcontactor was not going to show. At the plaster phase he required i pay the balance even though the mastic would not be done until the following ten days,which turned out to be three weeks.

During the mastic/cauling phase which i waited four weeks after the plater was complete Mellisa Butler tried to give me the mastic subcontractors number to call them myself. After that i had no further contact with the Anthony Sylvan doyles pa group. The mastic contractor contacted me and also did a great job and showed up as he said. I think the problem here is that the Anthony Sylvan group that schedules va is to far away and doesnt know the weather conditions and i also think the subcontractors run Anthony Sylvan and take care of their other jobs first which contibutes to the customere service nightmare.

If i ever need my pool restored again i will be my own contactor and secure bids myself with payments at the completion of each phase or use a local contractor who i can visit close by to address any delays or problems.

I was going to write a letter but decided if the employees high up can not take the time to call back then a letter would be a waste of time as i noticed other customere letters went without being answered. Since i did not receive a customere satisfaction call back or survey this avenue will have to surfice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anthony Sylvan Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver two hundred and fifty dollar gift cert as promosed by PM Tomas Obrien..

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Gift certificate delivered as promised for schedule delays. All problems addressed.