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started excavation in the spring and all looked great. then the re bar, then the gunite, then things started slowing down. the equipment and pipes and electric finally got done and now its May. and then it became June and basically nothing has gotten done except for one row of tile. they put in a cutout for the track for the pool cover. apparently this was the first time they have ever done that since the design of it doesn't allow for it to be installed as it is. so now they are going to have to chop into the nice smooth concrete to be able to screw in the track. that will lead to a repair of the damage they will have to do and more time. so i will have a repaired wall, not as good as it was. they also forgot to put in a certain drain pipe that is critical but i was told whoever does the hardscape can put that in. thats an extra cost for me. they also want the hardscaper to fix all the damage caused by all the runoff of mud left around the excavation.

today is June 15, no end in sight and i am laying in bed this morning thinking about this pool and feeling upset. i don't think that is the way they want their clients to feel and i hope they finally get their act together and finish the pool.

besides the pool not getting done and apparently not getting done correctly there is no communication and no results.

i would not recommend this company at this present time. maybe all will be rectified and i'll be happy enough with the pool to let all these bad feeling go and i hope thats the case but for now it doesn't seen likely.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: get people here to finish the job.

Anthony Sylvan Pros: Design person was excellent.

Anthony Sylvan Cons: Lack of communication and not getting the job dome.

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