Anthony & Sylvan is one of the three major pool builders in the area. We looked into them since they're the better-known pool people and a fellow I work with spoke very highly of them.

Dave, our designer, did a great job listening to us. Our pool is a little bit lower than our original patio and we surrounded it with another patio area. Our budget didn't allow the fancy waterfalls and stuff and Dave suggested other water features which fit our budget. We had some ups and downs during the building process.

Never having a pool before, we didn't know what to expect. But everyone was extremely polite and very responsive. The bottom line is Anthony & Sylvan stood by everything. Every problem we had may have taken an email or a phone call but they came through on all their commitments so far.

Whenever we had a situation, they dealt with it head-on, whether it was one of the subcontractors or issues with the city. Discussions were easy. We enjoy all the aspects of the pool. We have a shallower end going to the deep end, built-in chairs and a couple of curves.

It has more features than we thought about. It's been only about three months and maintenance has not been an issue. We use the pool a lot with the kids and grandkids. My wife and I go out there after work sometimes to relax, get some peace and quiet, and have nice conversations without all the distractions of the house, with the phones, cell phones, computers, TVs, etc.

It's also a way to have fun with people in the summer. I'm looking forward to using the spa in the cooler weather. We debated about it 'cause we didn't know if we'd really use it.

I never liked spas and it bothered me, but having our own and knowing everything about it has been very enjoyable. We're very satisfied.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anthony Sylvan Pool Building Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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