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I'm so sorry to hear this and I'd like to help try to find a positive resolution to your concerns. To get started, please send me an email,, with the address on your account and the best phone # to reach you. I hope to speak with you soon.

Very Sincerely,
Customer Care

We really aren't ones to complain or to take issue with minor things, but there are some things that have disappointed us with our experience with Anthony Sylvan. Again, we love our pool and think it turned out great, but since you are asking, Here are the things we felt could have been done better

1. My assumption, and again, this is my opinion...when building a custom pool, I fugured drainage would have been taken into consideration and planned for ahead of time. However we had to come up with 800 dollars out of pocket 2 days before a Disney trip to pay for our our patio forms to be redone to add drainage that should have been something anticipated or thought of during construction and planning, not an afterthought.

2. We were given a start up email which required us to buy chemicals for our pool which we didnt need causing unnecessary expense.

3. Majority of the manuals for equipment are missing, so we had to go online to get the manuals ourselves to know how to service our equipment and change our pool light colors.

4. The timer on our filter pump is already broken after 3 weeks of use. We have to manually turn off the pump at night. Though we are dealing with getting it fixed, im just surprised, it has broken so soon.

5. One of the things that i asked for specifically to be taken into consideration in the design of our pool was the jet nozzle placements and contour shape of the pool so surface doesnt get areas where leaves and stuff get stuck. We have played around with the nozzles, and though leaves make it to the bucket skimmer, we have a lot that stay in the middle and seem to go around and around pool and miss the skimmer all together.

5. The gutters were not strapped back or connected to the drain system after multiple attempts to get project completed. We waited for a month until we had to go out and purchase materials and finish it ourselves.

6. During the cool coat spraying, it splashed on the stone of my house and now we have grey cool coat splatter on our light house stone. And chipped/scratched the stucco

7. Our name was similar to another clients so we were not getting communications.

8. The entry to our property had to go through our neighbors property. We had a hard time getting their permission due to concerns about damage to their yard. Jason promised us that they would level it and fill with dirt. Jeff ran the bulldozer over it to flatten it out, but no dirt was added and the attitude was that its their problem now, not yours.

9. The dirt brought in to grade after construction did not cover any of the pipes for drainage so we had to bring in extra dirt and do the work ourselves.

So those were our issues that we thought could have been improved.

Product or Service Mentioned: Anthony Sylvan Pool Building Service.

Reason of review: unfinished work.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Anthony Sylvan Cons: Unfinished work.

Location: 13343 Research Blvd #295, Austin, TX 78750, USA

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